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Did Someone Say Chicken Iron Condor?

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Market Data provided by CME Group & powered by dxFeed Technology. Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors.
Please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options before deciding to invest in options.


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Where’s Bat? Search for Trading’s Holy Grail

JULY 27TH, 10 AM – 12 PM ET

Toronto, ON

“Where’s Bat?” is tastylive’s brand-new, in-person show. The tasty team hits the road in 2024 in search of trading’s holy grail. Join us on an incredible two-hour journey to find the most elusive answers in trading. Six speakers will challenge your market knowledge while using game theory to quest for the ultimate grand prize. Julia, Anton, Liz, Jenny, and Dr. Jim will all be speaking. You won’t want to miss this event with Tom and the tasty gang.


  • VXX Options

    The VXX is an exchange traded note (ETN) that tracks the VIX short-term futures. Learn more about how to trade VXX options and when to use it from tastylive!

    Learn more about VXX.

  • 0DTE Options

    Options with zero days until expiration only exist for a single trading session and are commonly referred to as zero days-to-expiration (DTE) options, or simply "0DTE.”

  • Poor Man Covered Call

    A poor man’s covered call is a long call diagonal debit spread that is used to replicate a covered call position. The strategy gets its name from the reduced risk and capital requirement relative to a standard covered call.
  • Options Expiration

    The term "expiration" refers to the fact that certain trading instruments exist for a finite period of time. At expiration, an option contract will either be converted into 100 long or short shares of the underlying stock, or it will expire worthless.

  • Implied Volatility

    Implied volatility (IV) is an important metric when it comes to strategy selection because when there’s uncertainty there’s risk. It shows you what kind of volatility level to expect, whether you’re looking at a specific stock or market through ETFs. Learn more about IV in options trading using our guide.
  • IV Rank and IV Percentile

    Measuring implied volatility (IV) with a few metrics enables traders to put context around current and historic IV levels. At tastylive, we focus on two measurements - IV rank & IV percentile.
  • Put Options

    Put options reflect a trader’s bearish assumption of the market or underlying – the trader thinks that a certain product’s price will fall well below their put strike price by the contract’s expiration.

    Learn more about Put Options.

  • Calendar Spread

    A calendar spread is a low-risk, directionally neutral strategy that profits from the passage of time and/or an increase in implied volatility.
  • Iron Condor

    An iron condor is a directionally neutral, defined risk strategy that profits from the underlying trading in a range, through the expiration of the options contract. In this guide, you’ll learn what makes it valuable and why it’s considered a high probability trading strategy.

  • Diagonal Spread

    A diagonal spread is constructed by purchasing a call/put far out in time, and selling a near term put/call on a further OTM strike to reduce cost basis. The trade has only two legs, but it gives the effect of a long vertical spread in terms of directionality, and a calendar spread in terms of its positive vega.

  • Correlation

    Correlation is the relationship between two or more variables with a range of negative (-1) to positive (+1). It is generally measured on a historical basis with a minimum of one month. Correlation measures the rate at which two stocks have historically tended to move in relation to their mean. If they are normally on opposite sides of the mean, they tend to move in opposite directions and have a negative correlation. If they are normally on the same side of the mean, they tend to move in the same direction and have a positive correlation. If there is no clear trend, they are said to have little to no correlation (0). Understanding correlation allows us to diversify our portfolio in non-correlated underlyings.
  • Strike Price

    In options trading, the strike price, also known as the exercise price, is a predetermined price at which the holder of an option has the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell the underlying asset. This asset could be a stock, commodity, index, or currency, depending on the type of option.

    The strike price is a key element of an options contract because it serves as a reference point for exercising a given option. As such, the strike price may also be defined as the price at which an option can be exercised by its owner (aka holder).


Tom and Bat present market studies prepared by our expert research team, examining probabilities, volatility, strategies, and more.

Explore Market Measures
  • Market Measures

    It's not always easy to take the measure of a market, whether you've been trading for a day or a decade. On this segment we look under the hood—options probabilities, volatility, trading strategies, futures, you name it—so your trading mechanics are built to manage more winners.

  • Options Jive

    If you want to trade like a tastylive trader, you have to learn how to talk like a tastylive trader. Sit down with Tom and Tony as they dish out and discuss popular trading topics that give you an edge when opening, closing and managing your trades.

  • The LIZ and JNY Show

    Former Floor Traders. Best Friends. Moms. Options Goddesses. Jenny Andrews and Liz Dierking break down the basics of trading options, while walking viewers through tastylive mechanics for portfolio management. Traders of all levels can glean valuable market knowledge from their research-backed segments, or they can submit their own questions via X, using #lizjny, to be answered live on-air.

  • Options Trading Concepts Live

    Mike, Nick, Katie, and Thomas take trading questions live on YouTube chat and explain the answers in depth using the tastytrade platform and graphics.

  • Engineering The Trade

    Jermal Chandler shares his insight regarding what's going on in various markets, identifies notable option flow, and dishes out actionable trade ideas.

  • Futures Power Hour

    Navigate the world of futures with an expert! Join Christopher Vecchio, CFA, tastylive's Head of Futures and Forex, for an hour each weekday as he walks through what's moving in futures. From Equities to Energy, there will never be a dull moment!
  • Options Crash Course

    Dr. Jim Schultz hits all the basic concepts, topics, and strategies that surround the world of options trading. If you're looking to get into derivatives, don't miss this crash course!

    Plus, check out the next Crash Course on Strategy Management!

  • Sosnoff & Ratigan: Truth or Skepticism

    What a year 2023 was! In the 2024 season of the Truth or Skepticism podcast, Tom Sosnoff and Dylan Ratigan dive into topics ranging from business and finance to technology, politics, and global news. With another unpredictable year ahead of us, follow along as this duo unpacks how all these factors play into the trading markets.

  • The tastycrypto Show

    Take advantage of on-chain opportunities and learn DeFi trading with host Ryan Grace and guests. They'll cover crypto trading opportunities, altcoins, and crypto industry news. Plus, they'll be trading in a live account on-chain using the tastycrypto wallet app.

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